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Mattie and Alvaster by puffysmoke1
Mattie and Alvaster
I wanted to do something more with this but I have had it laying around for months now, so I am just gonna make myself happy and post it.
Mattie and Alvaster (who will be my official npc when and if I get into the group) are reading the newspaper together on a sunday morning, somewhere in the city.
Alvaster is big and tall so he has to hunch down a bit. I was thinking that this could be a regular thing for them, Maybe they do it every sunday? Nice things with friends, yes.
I also thought that maybe there could be weather forecasts in the newspaper? Basileus decides the weather so if he wanted he could make it public what weather there is going to be via Sybal Heims newspapers? Something to think about!
WD Gaster by puffysmoke1
WD Gaster

(EDIT: a wingding was wrong, but it should be right now.)

Somewhere in the darkness…

I am so fascinated with WD Gaster and all the mystery surrounding him. I tried to find the hidden secrets in the game cencerning him on my own first,
But I caved in and looked him up. I don’t feel to bad about it tho because I WOULD NOT have been able to figure that stuff out on my own.

If you want to translate the text/wingdings…

I FORGOT I wanted to ad his music to, enjoy…

(WD Gaster is from the game undertale which belongs to Tobyfox)

Little miss Muffet by puffysmoke1
Little miss Muffet
Buy her pastries or you'll get caught in her web~
Her boss music is one of my favorites (◕ω◕✿)

Muffet is from the game Undertale that belongs to Toby"raditaion"fox.
Sketchdump 7 by puffysmoke1
Sketchdump 7
time for a sketchdump.

Fan art of Steven universe, Paranorman, The Adams family, Starwars, Ozzy Osborn, Wall-E, Hell boy, Gravity falls and the anime Overlord.
Mattie Sealy by puffysmoke1
Mattie Sealy

Name: Mattie Sealy


Physical age: 16

Height: 1 meter and 70 centimeters

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Faction: Disciple

Matties personal position concerning the politics of sybal heim is complicated. She is very fond of both the place and its people. The city is not only an amazing and inspiring place, it’s near impossible to live a poor life and you neither get sick nor ever face the possibility of starving to death. She would probably be living a happy and carefree life if it wasn’t for the fact that she left people behind like many others when she came to Sybal heim.

She is however completely against what the insurgents are doing. She feels that their ways are not only dangerous and destructive but downright wrong. She resents the thought of doing harm in order to fulfill one’s own desires.

 Mattie has for a long time tried to research and find a possible and peaceful way of escaping the city. A way that does no harm to the citizens or the organizer, that doesn’t break the city laws and privacy of others. It is however becoming more and more apparent to Mattie that the answer won't be found that easily. The only possible way of escaping the city is to understand exactly what it is, its origin and its purpose. And there is only one who truly knows. 

She doesn't openly talk about her endeavour knowing very well how it would look to other citizens, but she won't lie about either if openly asked. She doesn't afterall have any sinister intentions and wants to be trusted by others.

 Occupation: Baker/Store owner

Mattie runs and co-owns the bakery "Cinnamon dove, bread and pastries" with her partner Alvaster Bergelmir Who was one of her first acquaintances in Sybal Heim and remains her most loyal friend. She puts great pride in her establishment and works hard to make sure that her customer’s gets the best service and to always offer the best wares. Mattie bakes and manages the store during the day and stands at the cash register during night when the store is less lively and most of the employees have gone home. The store opens around eleven AM and closes around seven PM, but activity in the back area where the wares are made ceases before nightfall.

Mattie and Alvaster spent years saving up money and making arrangements to start their own little business. The building itself was built in european brittsih style, the front of the store was built out for more space. The store is located on the edge of ambrotos, close to Heilig and not to far from the river. The whole house is made up of two floors and an attic. Only the first floor makes up the bakery itself, the second floor and the attic has become Matties home.

the bread and pastries you can find here are a mix of european and asian cultures. A few common things you can find in the bakery are Anpan/sweet buns, Chinese peach buns, fruit bread, Asian sweet bread, bagels, baguettes, bread sticks and cakes of varying types.

The shop offers a delivery service and takes orders for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and festivals.

You can find The official icon of the bakery here…
All who work at the bakery wear the icon as a simple metal brooch to prove that they work there. 
It is especially important for those who work as deliverers to wear it at all times. the Brooches are custom made and there exists only one for each employee.
new ones are made on demand. During the bakerys early years they bought fabric patches instead as a cheaper alternative.
It is also common, but not neccesary, that those who work at the bakery wear simple attire consisting of pants, a shirt and an apron.

Sybal form:

Matties sybal form resembles what some might refer to as an earth spirit. Great blocks of sandstone make up her body and limbs which are held together by an invisible force. Her fingers are made out of many green vines that twist around themselves and grow into fingers, with small sandstone pieces as the fingertips. The two blocks that resemble feet have strong roots growing out of and around them which make them ideal for climbing. Her Head is made out of a great bundle of fauna with many colorful flowers growing in it every night and a wooden mask where her face should be. The assortment of flowers in her "hair" change every night. What kinds of flowers that grow depend on things like what time of year it is, what weather it is and her mood. the fauna changes every night save for five flowers that appear every night which are Rosemary, white Carnations, Begonia, Gladiolus and Asphodel’s.

Matties mask is not just a mask, but her actual face. It can be removed to reveal a rocklike space on the inside big enough for a small child. She uses this to store various things during night time. No one but Mattie can remove or reattach the mask. Her sight is attached to the mask which means that when removed it will be like a normal person being able to remove their eyes and still being able to see through them (think mister potato head from Toystory). While this can be used to her advantage, like maybe scope out an area or peak into small spaces, she cannot however leave it behind somewhere or afford to lose it since she cannot operate her body without eyes.

her sybal form is much stronger than her human self and can carry or move great weights. She is not very fast on the ground but can move around quickly when climbing from house to house or tree to tree. She uses the roots around her feet and the vines around her hands to get a good grip and her strength to move herself quickly forward.

When in Sybal form she prefers climbing to get around the city before walking and hanging onto something instead of standing on solid ground. This is one of few things that she takes liberties with and commonly won’t ask if it’s okay with all who are present at the time Unless it seems REALLY unapropriate. If you want her to come down you will most likely have to ask.

The biggest threat to Matties sybal that there is is fire. The crown on her head is entirely made of flammable plantlife and it is very much linked to both her emotional state and her life. The fact that she has such a big and visible “Achilles heel” is a great disadvantage in battle, one that she tries to overcome by using long range fighting techniques and her wits (she has never had to partake in a real "life or death" battle but has on a few occasions particapated in two on two matches in the arena with her friend Alvaster). She can protect herself for a short time if she dunks her head into a large body of water, soaking her head completely, but it is not very convenient considering that it makes her head a lot heavier too.

Whether she can die from extensive harm to the stone parts of her body is yet unknown, but she has sustained a great deal of damage in the past without dying. It has been suggested that you would have to turn every little piece of her broken body to dust in order to kill her that way. It does however hurt when her body is pierced or broken and she will faint from enough pain.

She cannot drown during nighttime.


Sybal power:

Matties power is basically a mind power. She can feel the emotions of others and depending on if the conditions are right, change them. Her powers are not common knowledge and Mattie will only tell those she trusts about her ability.

Her ability to feel others feelings are limited by how many people around her there are and how far they might be, so if it's a big crowd everything gets mixed up and she cant make anything certain out unless they would all feel something similar like strong fear/panic or complete calm. Her ability to alter feelings would be dictated by if the mood of the target is too far from what she wants too make them feel. If she wants to calm someone down she first needs to talk to them, give them something positive to think of so that she has something to build the positivity off of and if she wants to make someone angry they need to be already angry or agitated so that there is a spark to set the flame so to speak. The extent to Matties powers can also vary depending on how mattie herself is feeling. As an example, if Mattie is doing very well then it won't take a lot of coaxing from Mattie to make someone feel better.

It is easier to agitate someone than it is to help them, but Mattie prefers to heal others rather than to do harm and very rarely uses her powers in a negative way.

No single person feels the same even if the emotions we feel are similar. You can think of it as different color hues, there is no such thing as just red or just blue or just purple, there is a wide spectrum of colors. This makes it possible for mattie to recognise some people based on their feelings during night, but ONLY if she has known said person for a long time or met them daily.

The flowers in her "hair" can carry on her emotion changing abilities, so if she feels that someone for instance could use an energy boost or that they need something to make them feel better she will pick the right flower and give it to them. The positive effects of her flowers can however become addictive so she is careful with how often she uses them. The flowers can also be used to give more somber feelings like humility or regret, but feelings like those won’t have an addicting effect. The flowers lose their power when the sun rises but remain as normal plants. They can be planted or used for other things.

Do not remove flowers from her head without permission. The flowers are a part of her body and forcefully removing one is an offense to her personal boundaries and is equal to unwanted touching. If you want a flower you ask politely to carefully take one or for Mattie to remove one for you.


Docile or feral: Docile

Mattie is docile, but was briefly mistaken for a feral during her first weeks in the city.


Mattie is an expressive woman who does her part in the everyday life of Sybal heim, working hard and living a so far fairly uneventful life in the city. She is an optimist and a pretty good work leader, managing a succesfull business. she is not much for idle chitchat but likes to be with others and listen to people conversing, once in a while dropping in a few words in said conversation. She is also, or atleast tries to be, a good listener if someone asks her for advice or simply needs someone to talk to. Due to her powers she is more likely to be able to help during nighttime, but she does her best to help no matter what time it is. When alone in her sparetime she likes to read, tend to her flowers, experiment with recipies or walk about the city to see what adventures come her way.

She likes to hear about other peoples hobbies and has great respect for those who are well practiced in things like art, music, dans, litterature, martial arts and weapon handling. She becomes inspired by those who show great passion for their interests and work hard to master them. If you are thinking about pursuing a new hobby or start a personal project then Mattie will be one of the first to support you. She might even participate in courses or events with if you are nervous or shy. She will also help you get started with boring or laborious tasks, keeping you from getting distracted.

Since coming to Sybal Heim she has become very influenced by Asian culture. She has studied Buddhism for some time now and visits a local temple fairly often. She was however raised in a christian home and still visits the Ambrotos cathedral on a weekly basis, not entirely abandoning her roots. Her view on religion has been greatly broadened since her arrival to Sybal Heim and she does no longer have a firm belief in the things she was taught as a child. You might be able to summarise her thinking like "I have no idea what to think anymore, But I intend to make the most of it". She stays true to her Heritage while getting invested in new and exciting cultures. The mix of Asia and Wales In Matties home makes for an odd atmosphere. 

She doesn't think of Basileus as a god or spiritual entity but she doesn't think it's impossible either. He could be or he could not be, the point is that nobody knows. Basileus is a mystery. It is likely that few will ever know What he is, But Mattie suspects that if one was to find out it would change everything one had ever thought was true about llife, death and reality. What could such an entity want with mortal men? for now he can't be trusted.


 Mattie hail from the Southern parts of Wales. Only her closest friend, Alvaster Bergelmir, know the details of her past life.

 Additional info:

-She has a small notebook that she keeps with her at all times, in case she hears anu usefull information or local gossip. 
She keeps it in a pocket on her skirt during the day and in the small cave behind her mask during the night

-Mattie likes food, both to cook and to eat. Her favorite dishes are french toast, Welsh crempog, different kinds of summer soups and her favorite desserts/treats are blueberry muffins, fruitcakes and honey caramels.

-Her favorite drink is tea. She has many tea cups of varying design and buys many different tea types.

-Her home is very cluttered, full of plant-terrariums of varying sizes, art and trinkets from her homeland and her latest research of the city. Out of the two stories that make out her home the second story (Kitchen and social area) are the least cluttered.

-Since she came to sybal heim and discovered her sybal form she started to develop an interest for flowers, especially flower terrariums. She also has a Wisteria bonsai tree (…) that she is very proud of and has taken to competitions and exhibitions.




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On the internet nobody knows your a Clone-trooper.

Hello and welcome, Puffysmoke at your service:meow:
I'm a swede who loves drawing. I'm sure you do too :la:

Here is a link to my Art blog on Tumblr aswell
Hey everyone! Just wanted to inform you that I will be doing Inktober on Tumblr starting tomorrow.
For those of you who don't know what that is and would like to know more can read about it here
I might upload some of my Inktober drawings here but if so then it won't be untill the end of the month (I will hopefully be working on other things besides inktober,
I hope :I . I will do my best!) so if you are interested in seeing my Inktober drawings then you should go to my Tumblr. You can find a link to it in my ID description.
That is all so I wish you a good evening and goodnight!

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